The Alinker PreSales

Welcome to the presales page for Alinker sizes on back order.

How to find your Alinker size

  1. Stand against a wall and put a hard cover book loosely between your legs.
  2. Measure from floor to top of the book.
  3. Consult our size grid to find the correct fit.

NOTE: If your measurement is on the cusp for sizing, ALWAYS contact customer service (+1-604-398-4947), or choose the smaller size.

Inseam Alinker Size
37 – 42"94 – 107 cm Large Adult SizesMax capacity
265 lb (120 kg)
32 – 36.5"81 – 93 cm Medium
27 – 31.5"69 – 80 cm Small

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Alinker Presales

Make sure you buy the Alinker for yourself, or the person you buy it for completely loves it and is included in this purchase.

$1,500.00 (Initial deposit)

The remainder of the total price ($1,847) will be due prior to your Alinker being shipped.

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