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We understand that many people have lost income and support since a diagnosis or accident, and would really benefit with an Alinker, but have no means to get one. It is not about ‘asking for money’, but your generosity to share your story. Most people do not know what happens with you once you get diagnosed, so we can all learn. In response to your generosity of sharing, people can then help you complete your campaign.

Together, We Move Differently

Active Campaigns

The campaigns are about sharing. Most people have no idea what life is like when you live with MS or what happens after you have a stroke. Isolation is often a bigger problem than the symptoms of the disease itself. With the campaigns we can share and educate people, because it can happen to all of us. When we create a movement where people simply show up for each other, it might get a bit ‘safer’ and less ‘scary’ to engage with each other. Some people share their experiences on their campaign, others share their funds to support the campaigns. It is not about asking for money, it is creating an opportunity for people to learn and show up with #generosity. Being generous resonates with who we are as humans. We understand generosity deeply and when you practice it, you feel so much better.

This campaign is our 5th collective campaign. The collective campaigns help to support the individual campaigns of the people who have little or no support network left. Together we show up for each other, and then no one is left behind. We start this one off with the unused balance from the previous collective campaign.

So far 219 people completed their campaigns, and this INVISIBLE to BE VISIBLE campaign aims to raise for many more people to become visible and supported by a generous community.

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