It is overpriced! Why does it cost so much?

We understand that $3,347 CAD is a lot of money for people, we understand that this sick care system drives people into poverty. We also know that losing mobility might come at a much higher cost. So we invite you to look beyond just a bike at $3,347 We build our company to create access to health that supports your wellbeing. We host a crowdfunding platform and together we completed 204 campaigns already, we offer rent to own at 0%. The price of $3,347 covers a high-quality custom device that might save you sick care expenses because you might regain mobility and independence. It activates the brain so your brain can manage so much more (moods and motion and possibly reduction of medication). It requires effort and work, but many people share with us how life changing it is.

We are an ethical company, a certified BCorp, and make sure everybody in the supply chain is treated well, we pay living wages and hire Alinker users. We have an online community that will welcome you in, a YouTube channel that offers more than 20 hours of Alinker specific classes for inside your living room. We are also carbon neutral and practically plastic free. Our customer service goes beyond and we always improve the way we operate with soon to be announced the 3 new versions Alinkers, and an Alinker recycle program. We are not a medical device and if we were to sell it as such through certified suppliers, you would probably see a retail price of at least double this. We build access and a movement for heath.

Will insurance cover it / do you offer discounts?

Our current “sickcare” system is reactive and predominantly medicates. Insurance companies generally do not support activities that support wellness. The “sickcare” system benefits from making people dependent on medication and treatments. Instead of trying to comply with this system, which is not designed for the wellbeing of people, we choose to instead build our company to create access to what we define as health, mobility, community and healthy food. Please have a look at this video.

Here are the ways we make mobility – getting your own Alinker - more accessible:

  • We have a 0% Rent-To-Own Program where you can make payments over a period of time. You pay the same over time as when buying it at once. Please note, this program does not have the 15-day return policy and the initial 4 month rent payment is non-reimbursable.
  • We have an integrated crowdfunding campaign page on our website. People share their experiences living at the receiving end of a sickcare system that drives people into poverty, and our community steps up with equal generosity and contributes to getting the campaigner their Alinker.

Is there a warranty?

This warranty is limited to the first two years and is extended to the original purchaser ONLY provided that they register their Alinker® bike on the website. Register together with its unique serial number which can be located on the back of the fork of each Alinker, and is illustrated on the registration page, together with the owner’s name and the address. Only when this registration is completed is the warranty valid. This warranty is not transferable and is limited to 24 months from the date of purchase. (

How long does it take to ship?

When there is inventory in our warehouse, generally between 2 and 3 weeks. Due to the pandemic and supply chains under pressure, there may be occasions when the Alinkers are on back order.

Please visit our product page for up to date shipping information for each Alinker size.

How much weight can it take?

The maximum weight supported with the current design is 265 lbs. We are developing an Alinker 2.0 with a 450 lbs max capacity. This is not an easy process, and is costly. Through our newsletters, we'll keep you updated about all developments, so please subscribe.

How much does it weigh?

The Alinker weighs 12 kg (26 lb) and is foldable. When you fold it you can take off the quick-release wheels and the saddle, making it weigh less. The total weight of the front wheels, the steering and the saddle is just over 2 kg (5 lb) so when lifting the disassembled Alinker in the car, it is less than 10 kg / 21 lb. (the Large is a bit heavier, the Small a bit lighter).

Can I try the Alinker before buying it?

All orders for the Alinker are done online, with very hands-on customer service. We employ Alinker users to assist you with any questions you may have – please note that we do not use any robots for our customer support chat, so please be kind and we will answer your questions within a day. To allow you time to experience the Alinker, we offer a 15-day return policy (on regular, full-priced purchases only). Another great option may be our Rent-to-Own, but please note, the 4 month initial deposit payment is non reimbursable. Read more here.

Does it have a parking brake, can it be switched to the other side?

Yes! There is a brake on the rear wheel and a parking lock on the brake handle. Once the parking lock is engaged, the Alinker will not roll away. This is our standard hand brake, suitable for most people. There are other options in the market like this one, you can order online and replace it on your Alinker: See an example

Yes, the brake can be moved to the left handlebar, with the understanding that the little lock pin will then be on the bottom, and not on top.

We do seminars in which we illustrate the technical components of the Alinker – the brake is discussed in this video

How to put grease on the axle for winter/snow/rain?

Can it fit in my car?

Yes, most likely. The Alinker folds up, and with the easy quick release systems the wheels and saddle can be removed. With the use of an Allen key, the steering bar can also be easily removed. We have fit Alinker bikes in the back of a Toyota Yaris and Echo, a Suzuki Swift, and a Smart car, to name a few small cars. If you have a larger car and/or can put the rear seats down, simply fold up the Alinker and roll it into the car as is.

Watch the transport video.

Can I adjust the steering bar and seat?

Yes, the steering and saddle are standard bicycle parts and can be exchanged for any steering bar or saddle, if you prefer custom parts over the standard Alinker ones. Because the Alinker is not a bicycle, the movement is different, and it takes special instructions to get the right position. Please watch the recording of one of our technical seminars in which we address the technical details of the Alinker: Changing the seat, and how to adjust the steering.

Is there a different version of the seat?

With the Alinker, it's possible to change the standard seat with any other bicycle seats. We have done considerable testing to find the best standard seat for the Alinker. If the seat is wider, it obstructs your full gait. The standard seat has a gap where your tailbone is, so there is no pressure on your spine.

Heavier people often think that they need a wider seat, but the structure of your body is in the sit bones, and they are supported on the standard seat.

You will need some time to “break in your butt”, and once you do, the pressure exerted on your sit bones, while you walk, activates your brain. Here is Dr. Gretchen explaining more about neuroplasticity and what happens specifically with the Alinker.

A Gel cover will make activation of the brain less effective.

Can the tires be replaced?

Yes! Here are the dimensions for the rear tire - 8" x 1.25” (200 x 45mm) inner tube and tire with 45 degree angle Schrader valve - and a product example

We also recommend that you keep a spare tire, as ordering them can take time. The front tires can be found in local bike stores, they are 16” tires generally used on baby strollers.

To take off back wheel: take two 5mm Allen keys and turn them in opposite directions. Here is a video for removing the back wheel.

We have developed a solid rear wheel, so please subscribe to the newsletter to get updates, or keep an eye on the website on the product page (when available).

Seeing a physiotherapist - do you have printed forms we would offer?

We do not print brochures or flyers, but all the information about the Alinker is here on our website. We also have many videos on our Youtube channel that gives insight on the technical aspects, as well as the user experiences.

How to ride the Alinker – instruction video

A testimonial from one of our users

The Alinker Academy – online classes, instruction videos and exercises

My pubic bone hurt after riding, what should I do?

Please watch this video to learn how to adjust your seat properly, pointing the nose of the seat UP, making sure your sit bones are on the back edge of the seat, and tilting your pelvis back.

Please note that it will take time to “break in your butt”,and get used to the seat, but you should not have any pain. Pain generally indicates that you are not sitting back far enough, your sit bones must be on the back edge of the seat. It's very different from using a bike.


All measures are approximate.

The box is 20x20x36”, and the product weighs 34 lbs packaged, 26 lbs unpackaged.

Outside wheel to outside wheel 30” Length of bike 45”.

Serial Number

The serial number can be found in two places: on the silver label right above the rear wheel, and also hammered into the right side rear fork, if you are having trouble reading the label.

The first letter in the serial number indicates what size Alinker you have.

Tire pressure

Inflate the tires to a minimum pressure (see following) to prevent the inner tube from being squeezed between the rim and the outer tire.
Minimum inflation: Front wheel tire 2.0 bar / 30 PSI; Rear wheel tire 5.5 bar / 80 PSI. Max PSI is indicated on each outer tire wall.

What is the size of the saddle pen?

A 27.2mm saddle pen, without suspension, with a 2 screw adjusting head to fix the seat on.

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