Our Essence

This land matters, and the people who tended to the land for centuries matter.

We come through 7 generations and in our lives, live such that the next 7 generations can live healthy and together.

What you can do:

  • Acknowledge the land we are on, and put it on your HOME page
  • Promote indigenous ventures on your website (see below)
  • Partner with and support the LIFT initiative with monthly donations or % of your revenue
  • Hire indigenous people to elevate your team
  • Know your history, decide who you want to be, beyond what you represent (see below)

History, living history and present to learn and know about



Make a donation to this campaign so Teara can fly the essential needs or services to the remote Indigenous communities that are not getting the bare essentials that they need.

Supplies are sourced locally and through Indigenous ventures as much as possible. Your generosity will make it possible to get essentials to communities that are not on the radar of others. 

Honouring Indigenous women owned ventures

We invite you to learn about these women and buy their products

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