Inclusion is something we achieve together, as a collective. How will we know when we get there? When the differences between us and our many types of bodies are so commonplace, so visible, they simply go unnoticed.

At present, when a person loses their mobility, access to the outdoors quickly diminishes, along with their opportunities for social interaction. Depression follows isolation, and those living with mobility issues often face multiple diagnoses and conditions at once. Add to this the challenge of balancing high medical expenses with extremely low income, and you start to see a picture of what life is like for so many.

The burden of achieving mobility and inclusion should not be borne by those facing the most stresses: all of us need to contribute!

Because our current medical system doesn’t provide for wellness or lifestyle products, we are doing everything we can to make the Alinker accessible for everyone. Please join the movement by supporting one or more of the crowdfunding campaigns we are now hosting directly from our website. Tell these individuals — who have so bravely shared their stories — that they are seen and recognized, and help them to #keepmoving!

Any amount helps us reach our goals, and your credit card will only be billed once the total target (for each campaign) is reached. All the money is handled by Stripe — to cover the cost of the Alinker walking bike, as well as shipping and the crowdfunding platform admin fee.

Join us. Demonstrate your commitment to creating an inclusive future for all types of bodies!

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